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Discover unparalleled crypto recovery services from Grayware Tech Services. Our elite team combines cutting-edge hacking techniques with industry certifications to swiftly track, identify, and recover lost or stolen crypto assets. Trust us to bring your crypto investments back under your control.

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The Best Crypto Recovery Services

Crypto Asset Recovery

Grayware Tech Services specializes in the meticulous tracking and recovery of cryptocurrency assets.

Crypto Scam Recovery

Trust us to navigate the complexities of fraudulent schemes and swiftly recover your stolen digital assets.

Investment Recovery

If your cryptocurrency investments have gone awry due to hacks, or fraudulent activities, we can be of help.

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Highly Skilled Experts in
Crypto Asset Recovery

Grayware Tech Services stands as the premier choice for those seeking swift and reliable solutions in the tumultuous world of crypto recovery. With our expert team and proven track record, we offer unparalleled expertise in recovering lost or stolen crypto assets, ensuring your peace of mind and financial security.

Proven Success

Over 90% success rate for over a decade.

Rapid Response

Always available for support & assistance.

Al-Amin Cossain

Founder, Grayware

From Assessment to Refund

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Crypto Recovery Process

Case Assessment

We analyze the details of your situation to understand the scope of the problem and determine the best course of action for recovery.


Asset Tracking

Leveraging cutting-edge techniques, we trace the movement of your cryptocurrency to locate its current whereabouts.


Asset Recovery

Our team of skilled hackers implements strategic maneuvers to recover your lost or stolen digital assets swiftly and efficiently.


Asset Refund

Once the assets are secured, we facilitate the return of your cryptocurrency to you, ensuring a satisfactory resolution to your case.


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